XXXX company is in 1985 in order to pass the test evaluation technology support to improve industry technology and established the test evaluation institutions, is and advanced (developed countries test, the authentication institutions for the exchange and cooperation of a representative organization. In order to protect domestic industry increasingly perfect all kinds of authentication system, to protect consumer safety and environment of the importance of the system is increasing day by day, KTL to adapt to the development of the situation, from product development to the stage of certified provides support, help the enterprise to improve the technical ability and have stronger competitiveness.

In order to the two countries between enterprise and certification and clients organic business relations and satisfy the needs of customers, the company in Hong Kong and southeast Asia XXXX was established firm, providing the high-quality service for customers,

Our service: the authority of the authentication, rigorous standard, good service, reasonable cost of fair, terminate in the authentication aspects of the trouble back at home.

Registered overseas company should pay attention to the following conditions: (due to the different
Import waste materials quality control, staff training, unqualified goods disposal of the quality
Industry attestation

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The eu's goal is to build a coalition nature of the unity of the market: a can do not have any trade barriers,

Patent copyright

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The company registered